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This is the first in a series of freely-available CPD resources we'll be offering visitors to New CiLT on an ongoing basis.
1. Storytelling
Apart from the obvious enjoyment factor, involving children in storytelling activities on a regular basis can build up their confidence as learners of a foreign language. They find support in the familiarity of stories and begin to realise that they can follow what’s happening without necessarily having to understand every word.

Listening to stories develops children’s active listening skills as they search for key words or simply enjoy the sounds of the new language. Storytelling allows children exposure to more complex language taking their imagination and linguistic knowledge to a higher level.
- Should you teach children key vocabulary from the story before the first reading?
- Actions and sound effects are effective tools in our repertoire of story-telling. What purposes do actions and sound effects serve?

When using stories in the classroom, perhaps on the second or third reading, try out the technique of asking children to pick out familiar language, counting the number of times they hear familiar words or phrases while listening to more complex language.

Useful Links
ALL Literature Project
BBC animated stories for upper KS2 
El Cuentacuentos - Traditional stories in Spanish
MFL Storybirds – French, German and Spanish stories written for and by teachers and learners
NALDIC digital storytelling
Northumberland Grid For Learning
Research into dual-language books
Resources for a range of cross-curricular stories on West Sussex Grid for Learning
South East GfL - pupils’ bilingual story videos
World stories from CBeebies
Little Red Languages

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